Monday, November 18, 2013

Just One Pound

I use a little trick to run farther when I am really tired.  I pick a spot not more than 20 feet away and make that my goal.  When I reach that spot, I have a mini moment of joy and I pick the next spot.  This keeps going until I make it to my ultimate distance.  While it may sound tedious, it works.  Running a long distance is more of a mind game than a test of physical strength.  

So I started thinking about weight loss.  I posted a while back when my baby boy was 6 weeks old that my starting weight was 168 lbs.  He is now 4 months old and I am at 161 lbs.  Not the fastest weight loss ever, but I am inching closer to my goal of 145 lbs which was my weight pre-pregnancy.

I was on Weight Watchers but I kept going to meetings and the weight wouldn't drop.  So I relaxed and took a step back.  At 3 months, I noticed my weight start to move a little.  I did the ROC race ( race report coming soon!) and my friend Bridget told me about an app called "Lose It".  It's pretty much exactly like Weight Watchers but uses calories instead of points, is easier to use and is free.  Here's what my food log looks like today: 

I've joined a pre-turkey day countdown on Lose It and connected with friends.  A few of the moms in my Bradley Moms group are on it.  It is really motivating for me to see other people logging their food intake and losing weight.

Thus now, I'm going to use that running trick for losing the last 16 pounds.  My goal is 1 pound.  I'll set my next goal from there.

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