Friday, October 25, 2013's going

I've been getting back into my old running habits.  By that I mean planning to do some form of vigorous exercise everyday and then only running 2 days a week.  Oh well, I guess it worked for me before.  I do want to become faster, so I will need to change that habit in the future.

My knee has recently been bugging me.  While I was pregnant (and had a lot of weight and pressure on Everything!), I squatted to pick something up and felt a pop in my knee.  Ever since then, that left knee flares up after runs.  Thankfully, it never bothers me when running.  Just when I start to walk.  

I've been seeing a chiropractor who told me that it was tight abductor muscles causing my knee pain.  He suggested doing a quick abductor stretch after each running segment before I started walking.  Couch to 5k had me doing 8 minute runs with a 5 minute walk on Wednesday. After my 8 minute run segment, I was breathing so hard that I had to walk a little before it felt comfortable to stretch.  I did the stretches and my knee pain was greatly reduced.  However, something else popped up.  During the walk break, I became painfully aware of how tight my hamstrings were.  I wonder if the hamstrings caused the abductors to tighten which in turn caused the knee pain.  Is that possible?  Tight abductors ( muscles on the inside of your thigh btw) seem to be a really odd running problem.  Probably requires a little further investigation on my part.

I've been procrastinating on doing the next couch to 5k workout.  The program wants me to run 20 minutes non-stop!  That's an awfully big jump from 8 minutes of running!  I'm scared, which I ridiculous because I've run marathons before.  Logical reasoning isn't working here though.  However, my husband would probably argue that if I was using logical reasoning, I wouldn't be running in the first place.  I think every runner has a little touch of insanity though.  It's what makes us interesting.

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