Saturday, October 26, 2013

Running Soundtrack

I was really scared to do this morning's run.  The couch to 5k program had me scheduled to run 20 minutes non-stop.  The run before consisted of 8 minute run segments so this was a pretty big leap.

What's funny is that my iPhone music shuffle seemed to know that I needed the extra motivation.  My soundtrack was inspirational in just the right way.
As I started my warmup, "Ice Ice Baby" started playing.  I'm chill, i'm calm.  As I got closer to the run part, I started freaking out.  Me, freaking out:

I started running and was a little disconcerted that a German song came on called "Endlich Ein Grund zur Panik (Now is the time to Panic)."  Ya, I was panicking, bur the start of my run felt good.  From there, "Defying Gravity" got me up a hill.  Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" got me through the turnaround.  There might have been a shimmy in there too.  As I was feeling the fatigue, "Shake it Off" blared through my headphones.  On the final stretch, I heard Florence and the Machine's "Dog Days are Over,"which has the lines:

The horses are coming
So you better run
Run fast for your mother
Fast for your father
Run for your children
Your sisters and your brothers.

Finished my cool down with another Florence song, "Raise it Up."  Totally had a psychic iPod today.  I rocked this run.  My running confidence is returning.

In other awesome news, I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans for the first time today!  They are a little tight, but they now fit better than maternity pants so I will take it!

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