Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I can

I'm turning the corner around the park by our house.  I'm 2 minutes into my five minute run segment.  As I round the curb, I see the street runs slightly uphill.  My legs are already heavy and my shirt is creeping up over my post-pregnancy belly.  I feel a little surge of panic in my stomach and a voice in my head says. "I can't do this."

I totally recognize this voice.  It's the one that always tries to make me walk.  This voice, let's call it Lazy, has all sorts of interesting arguments on why I shouldn't run:
Lazy: "it's ok to take a break.
Me: No, it's only been 2 minutes.  This is only 5 minutes of running.  I've run a few marathons.  I can do this.
Lazy: You just had a baby
Me: 3 months ago.
Lazy: Exactly
Me: it's just a little hill.
Lazy: Don't you feel that tightness in your knee.  You can injure yourself if you push too hard.
Me: I'm not pushing too hard.  It's 5 minutes and I'm running a 12 minute mile.

I keep pushing until the street starts it slight descent down.  Lazy becomes blissfully quiet.  The more I run, the quieter Lazy becomes.  
 Last week in Show Low where I beat Lazy.

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