Saturday, August 24, 2013

Afterschool lesson plans

In education, we have (sometimes) textbook sets that plan out each day's instruction with standard aligned activities and readings.  There is some controversy about this kind of "scripted" instructions because some argue that it decreases the need for a knowledgeable teacher.  I love this kind of curriculum because of the many duties of a teacher, planning instruction is the most time consuming.  It is much more time effective to have a scripted series and modify it to meet the needs of your students than try to plan every day from scratch.

I think there should be such a series for parents.  I'm particularly interested in one that would plan entire weeks worth of after school activities for school age kids. Fun stuff that would make fantastic memories but not drive parents crazy.  Each week would come with a materials list that one can prep each weekend and activities would be about an hour a piece.  I could make something like that.

So first (in my soon to be wildly popular series) Afterschool activities. (Snappy name coming later):

Baking Muffins (Again, need help with this snappy name thing)

I've mentioned my love of the blog 100 Days of Real Food before and this recipe comes from there.  My goal is to bake loads of muffins, freeze them and use them for quick breakfasts and lunches for Camdyn.  I love this recipe because it's easy and you can use your choice of filling.  Cam picked fresh strawberries, bananas and blueberries.

I also used coconut oil for the first time.  I am definitely a fan because the muffin were ultra moist and slightly sweeter than if I had used vegetable oil.  Our next muffins will be raisin banana.

Our other Afterschool activities this week:
Library trip to exchange books.  Camdyn found this great book about where a lunch comes from.  I'm thankful the example they gave was a vegetarian lunch.  

Our weekly date.  Every Friday, Cam and I go on a date (which the baby sleeps through).  This week, we went to Starbucks.

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