Saturday, August 24, 2013

Clear to Run

Finally, I get to bring the running part of this blog back!  I had my 6 week postpartum appointment today and I am now clear to resume all regular activity.  Happy dance :)

This afternoon I drove myself to the gym and hopped on a treadmill.  I haven't run since January so I am starting over from scratch.  I decided to ease my way back into running with a Couch to 5k running app.  I'll be doing 3 days of training a week which is honestly all I did during marathon training.   And if I'm really being honest, 3 times in a week would be a really good week during marathon training.

Today's workout:
5 min walk. 
90 second walk. 60 second run (8 times)
5 min cool down walk

Since my pace before was a 5.7 mph pace, I planned to do my run segments today at a 5.0 mph pace. 
I punch that number in the treadmill and start running.  Nope, too fast. Everything felt a little ummm... floppier than usual.  I lowered it to 4.6 mph.  As I ran, I focused on relaxing my upper body since I tend to tense up and then get nasty shoulder and neck pains.  I didn't break any records today, but I gave myself a solid start which made me happy.

After I finished, my mind felt blissfully quiet - something that it hasn't been for a very long time.  Reminds me of why I run.  My husband found this great cartoon here which says it better than I can.  Here's a short snippet:

Yep... especially the cake.

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