Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post-Christmas Damage Control

The gym was remarkably bare this morning at 8AM. 

I'm guessing that everyone might be waiting for the new year in 2 days.  So why am I here?  I, who haven't had a serious workout in months?  Few reasons for that..
  1. I'm pregnant!  I just entered my 2nd trimester.  The nausea has receded and I am feeling a little more like myself again.
  2. And perhaps more important.. I just didn't feel like it. 
 My running is put on hold for the next 6 months or so.  As a preggo lady, I'm under doctor's orders to keep my heart rate under 150.  When I run, my average heart rate is about 170, so that's a no go.  Right now, my goals are purely fitness.  As a sidenote, this is incredibly fun.  I no longer run to beat a previous time.  Instead, I am just on the treadmill to move - a goal that is low-stress and I am enjoying for the time-being.  Admittedly, I also play with all the hill controls and speed to put my heart rate as close to 150 as possible.  I can't completely banish the overachiever in me.

Which brings me back to my spontaneous gym visit, I stepped on the scale this morning and realized that I had gained 4 pounds in the past week!  That's not even acceptable for pregnancy!

When I got home, I threw everything in the house away: lemon bars, big tray of brownies with baklava and a carton of ice cream (which I am sure I will cry about later).

I made myself my favorite breakfast: 2 poached eggs on wheat toast with a lot of salsa.   I added some Passion tea and a little leftover strawberry-banana-spinach smoothie on the side.

Here is to a healthier new year (and not gaining 60 pounds with this pregnancy)!

What did you binge on this holiday season?  

How are you getting back to your healthier habits? 

What is your average heart rate when you run?


  1. I love your new site!

    Bravo to keeping up your fitness while pregnant. I couldn't stop eating Christmas cookies for the last week. Yuck! But I weighed in regardless, got rid of the leftover cookies and jumped back on the WW wagon!

    1. Yay!! Christmas cookies are always the death of me. It always works for me to just get rid of stuff too :-)

  2. The blog looks great!
    I have a carton of peppermint low fat ice cream in the freezer which I haven't really touched...although maybe I should throw it away as well... :)

    1. You have more self control than me :-)

  3. Great new design and congrats on baby #2!!