Wednesday, October 10, 2012

See You in a Few Days...

As I checked my e-mail inbox this morning, this subject heading popped out at me, followed by my silent scream.  I'm presenting at my first teacher conference in less than a week!  I get to share my teacher nerd-dom with a real live audience, compared to through a computer monitor as I do now.

Fingers crossed that it all goes well :-)  I'm putting the finishing touches on my presentation now.   Seeing that email from the conference organizers was a bit ominous as I am the kind of person who likes to have everything done a week ahead of time (but never does).

On a completely different, non-conference related topic, I want to share my newest classroom craft from Pinterest.
It is the perfect space for exit tickets!  At the end of a lesson, I simply pass out a post-it note to each student and display a question under my document camera.   I tell them to "post their answer on Thewbook" when they are finished.  Each square on Thewbook is designated with a student number.
The question was a word problem where students needed to determine which operation was needed and then solve.

I can tell quickly who understands the lesson and who doesn't.  It's also a quick accountability measure to tell me who has participated. 

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