Monday, December 31, 2012

Gym Time and Ultrasounds

This morning, we met one of Cam's friends from school at their gym for a play date.   The girls ran around for an hour-and-a-half balancing on the beams,

Jumping on the trampolines,

And playing in a massive foam pit.   Fun times were had by all :-)

In the afternoon, I had an appointment for my 12-week ultrasound.  When I stepped into the room, the ultrasound tech told me about papers I needed to sign to consent for testing and how I would have my blood drawn.  "Wait, what?"  I knew the testing she was referring to was screening for neurological and other disorders.  They were tests I declined with Cam and which I'm pretty sure I declined with this pregnancy.  The tests only give you odds of your baby having certain genetic abnormalities and nothing certain.

I was about to decline the tests again, but was then told I couldn't get an ultrasound because it wouldn't be covered by insurance.  Josh said he could see my mind working at this point and it was.  You see, I hate going to my OB because I am afraid that every appointment I go to, they will tell me that something is wrong with the baby.  I had already worked myself up about this ultrasound and not having it would just be a waste of my mounting anxiety.

I did the tests - which only consisted of a few measurements of the baby (all was normal) and a blood draw.  Plus, we got to see the baby!  It now looks very baby-like and not at all like Gollum anymore.  She (or he) was just as uncooperative as Cam was for her ultrasounds.  The baby kept turning so that we couldn't see a profile.  I saw tons of little leg kicks and finger flutters.  It's amazing how much development there has been in only 3 weeks!

Newest member of our family!

Fantastic end to 2012 and I am very excited to see what 2013 will bring :)

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