Monday, January 2, 2012

Race Calendar

Confession:  I'm a runner and it's been 6 months since my last race. 

Ridiculous, right?  I love races and I had some races planned these past six months that I (gulp) bailed on.  El Tour de Tucson: ditched because I wasn't feeling well.  Most of the Summer Series: Slept in (gasp).  I had an entire barrage of excuses.  In truth, I miss racing and it's time I start again.  My plan:

January 7: Run, Walk and Roll 5K
Tempe Town Lake - First 5k of the year.  I was going to do the Resolution Run on Sunday, but I'm going down to Tucson for my sister's birthday (Surprise Jamie!).

January 28: The Color Run
Wow!  Is all I can say.  This race looks like so much fun!  I heard about it from a friend at a New Year's party.  So much more interesting than a normal 5K.

February 26: JCC Adult Triathlon
I'm trying this triathlon thing again!  This is a maxi-triathlon with different distances than the sprint I did in May.  Automatic PR!

That's as far as I've gotten in terms of race planning.  Now to train..  


  1. You are inspiring me to go plot a 5K race to do in NYC so that I'm accountable to someone--even just me!

  2. Great races!! I love races, they keep me motivated. Once I finish a race I immediately look for another one :)