Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I skipped a race.

Well, two races actually.  I signed up for the Arizona Road Racers Summer Series which consists of five races: 4 5ks and a 4-miler.  The first race - in Papago Park-- I made it to.  Only a 20 minute drive.  Plus the weather at the beginning of June was still bearable outside. 

Then, came the second race in North Scottsdale.  It would have been a 40 minute drive and I had spent no time training.   I snoozed my alarm that morning.  The entire race day I felt guilty and swore to myself I would run regularly and attend race #3.

And I did run regularly.  I downloaded the Runner's World Smart Coach on my Ipad, input my running goals and I ran exactly what it told me to run, when it told me to run it.  I've definitely improved my endurance these past weeks with the help of a trip to Minnesota and an indoor treadmill (AZ is hot!).

This brings me to yesterday's race.  I had not yet looked up race directions and so I googled them on Sunday night.  The race was in Peoria and it would have taken me 50 minutes to get there.  That drive time combined with the anticipated unpleasantness of the run - 95 degrees with humidity - I decided to sleep in.  The feelings of guilt never came.  I suppose when you are used to quitting something, each subsequent drop out becomes easier.

I am determined to make it to the last 2 races of the summer series.  They are both in the Tempe area, so distance will not be a hindrance.  Also, I will be keeping up with my running.  I'm pondering my next running/ athletic goal at the moment.  I seem to need a big event to look forward to.... hmmm, we shall see. 

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  1. Ummm, Ragnar? Mt. Lemmon Marathon? Take your pick. :)