Sunday, June 19, 2011

Camp Plug and Play

I'm back in Phoenix after a fantastic week at Camp Plug and Play!  This conference far surpassed my expectations!  The camp is actually a technology conference for teachers where attendees can sign up for a "strand" with the choices being Google Apps, Smartboard, Making PSA's with a green screen in iMovie, Project based Learning and Digital Storytelling.  I chose Digital Storytelling because I thought it would be an amazing way to help my students improve their writing skills.  Writing, recording and scripting is how I spent my week.  I'm very proud of my final project.  I plan on posting it soon. 

Camp Plug and Play is so popular that the Arizona K-12 Center never advertises it.  I can see why.  A few school districts had a large representation of teachers.  For Tempe, at first I thought it was only Chelsea and I and I was happy to find three other Tempe people.  So exciting to get to know other people in my district since their is really no other opportunity for inter-school bonding.

More than anything, the conference excited me about getting back to the classroom.  A taste of my week in pictures:
My amazing accommodations at the Westward Look in Tucson.

Beautiful mountain views.

Tucson skyline.

My view from the conference center.

The wonderful ladies at my table that I spent the week with.
Go Digital Storytelling!
 On Wednesday night, the camp hosted Ignite Night.  Ignite is a 5 minute presentation consisting of 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds.  The challenge is getting your timing exactly right.  I was lured to present by the prospect of winning an iPad.  Since the presentations were only limited to 18 people, I thought I might have a pretty good chance of winning in the random drawing.  I decided to present on Monday, worked late Tuesday night on my presentation and stood up in front of an audience of around 100 teachers on Wednesday night.  My topic: funding your classroom projects.  I'm considering posting my presentation online.  Please let my know if you are interested!

At the end of the presentations, Tony (the conference host) drew a name out of a hat and... it was mine!!  I won an iPad!! I never win anything so it was an amazing joy :-)

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  1. love that you won an iPad. the view look gorgeous! makes me want to go back to AZ.