Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Morning Bike

Goal:  Complete my first triathlon in May.  I first made this goal last summer when I planned to do a triathlon at Tempe Town Lake in late September.  My plans were defeated when one of the dams on the lake burst and completely drained the two-mile long reservoir.  

Since I ran yesterday, I woke up at 7:30 this morning to fit in my bike ride.  Getting dressed, I realized how much more gear you need for biking.  I have my day-glo biking jacket, so I can be seen on the road and also possibly blind passerby...

Bike helmet, gloves, sunglasses so I'm not blinded by bugs, bike pants with a nice cushy seat, Garmin to attach to the bike and of course, my bike.   Before I even leave, I need to check tire pressure, inflate my bike tires and make sure I have my water bottle with me.  Extra tube, tire pry and air canister in case I get a flat? Check.  Cell phone in case something else goes wrong? Check.  Credit Card in case I get stuck somewhere?  Check.   Biking takes so much more preparation than running!  With a run, I put on my sneakers, watch and ipod and I'm out the door.

Once everything is in order, I'm off.  I love the feeling of being on a bike.  My road bike feels so light that's its more like an extension of my legs.  I pedal up Coronado feeling strong and fast.  Once I encounter the first slight incline, my effort increases.  I push through it.  My route today is along the canal.  It is chilly outside and I wish I had something covering my ears.  I like the canal because it is traffic free and I usually see a lot of other runners and bikers.
So it's not the most scenic, especially with power lines, but check out that wide open space.  After I pass Rural, I turn down a bike path that takes me between the power station and the golf course.

Much prettier with greenery.  Winter has made it even more dry and dead looking.  

I make it back home in 43 minutes.  Total distance: 10.5 miles. 

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