Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back in the Running Groove

I signed up for the Lost Dutchman 10K! 
Lost Dutchman scenery

The race is February 20th and will be my first race since September.  Thinking about the 10K distance is really motivating me to run more during the week.  For some reason, 5Ks don't scare me (and it is not because they're not challenging).  My lack of fear translates into "I don't need to run tonight.  I'm only running a 5K."  Weeks pass, race day comes and I am DYING on the course.  Panting through each mile.  Begging for the finish line to appear soon.  Do I learn anything from this?  Nope.  I sign up for another 5K and the process repeats itself.

10Ks frighten me.  For this reason, I am making it my mission to train.  I ran close to 4 miles this morning and I even woke up early to run 2.62 on Tuesday morning.  Makes about a 6.5 mile week which is definitely not setting any records, but I'm proud of my ease back into running.


  1. yay to you! baby steos.

    every time i read your blog i want to get my life together, switch careers, and go "yogging" as will ferrel says in anchorman!


  2. oops, by "baby steos" i meant "baby steps"