Tuesday, February 8, 2011


On Sunday I took a major step towards my goal of completing a triathlon this year... I signed up for a Tri Club.  Landis, a popular bike store here in Phoenix, hosts a triathlon club.  They have monthly meetings, regular workouts I can join and even an online message board (which is honestly the best part.)  I logged onto to the website on Sunday morning and immediately started jumping up and down in my rolling chair.   Another member of the Tri Club was looking for other runners to join his group registration of...

Billed as 8+ miles of torture, the course features mud, a traverse wall, some fires and a few Spartan Gladiators.  I might be crazy, but crazy loves company so I convinced Jamie to sign up too.  There are 15 obstacles on the course, which works out to one every half mile or so.  Looking forward to this being a non-boring run!

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