Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What can I say? I do it all for the bling.

When I signed up to run my second marathon of the year, I couldn't help but notice the Rock N' Roll Marathon Series' Heavy Medals.  These are extra medals runners can get for running two or more races in the Rock 'N Roll series in one calendar year.  My two races were Arizona in January and then San Diego in June.  All of the Heavy Medal promotions say that your medal should arrive 6-8 weeks after your qualifying race. Since I ran San Diego in June, come mid-July and early-August,  my trips to the mailbox became very exciting.

Unfortunately, each time was a big disappointment.  Nothing.  Every day in August, I would walk out thinking that this was the day.   I would finally hold my awesome, spectacular medal in my hand that would proclaim me a double marathon goddess... and the mailbox gave me nothing. 

I lost hope.  I slipped into despondency and cursed the Competitor Group's name.

And then, as I opened my mailbox today, I saw a chunky, yellow padded envelope between the Penny Saver and advertisements from Toyota.  Could it be?

I tore open the envelope and pulled out a tiny scrap of paper:

Then, I saw it:

 Yes, I did "rock" 52.4 miles this year.  I placed the medal immediately over my head and wore it around my neck until Josh could come home and take my picture.
I love getting running bling!  What can I run next and what will they give me? :-)


  1. Women's half marathon in tempe in november: medal with removable charm

  2. I'm looking forward to winning some bling this january! :)