Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Final Countdown

With the completion of my 20-miler yesterday, I have officially entered....wait for it... my taper period, Whoo Hoo!!  I LOOOVE taper!  I've finished working on my strong base for the marathon and now I get three weeks of restful hour to hour and a 1/2 runs on weekends (restful, since I'm used to long runs being between 2 1/2 to 4 hours).  My only hurdle is to make sure I stick to the schedule and not slack these three weeks.  I slacked off for my marathon in January only to feel sluggish and nervous on race day.

Since I've been running in the same shoes since Rock N Roll Arizona, I headed over to Sole Sports today to pick up a new pair.  Super easy since I just showed my old pair to the salesperson, said "I like these." and she brought me out a new pair of the exact same shoe.  I've always been told that the color or style of the shoe doesn't really matter, instead you should focus on the comfort and how it feels while you're running.  Well, Brooks came out with a new style of it's Adrenaline GTS and I am super excited because it's the first pretty running shoe I've owned!  I'm so enamored, I had to take pictures:
You can't tell very well from the pics, but the border tracing the shoe is purple!  I now have three weeks to break them in for 26.2 :-)

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  1. Cute shoes! You'll do great in the marathon!!! especially with shoes like these...