Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back from Camp!

Pine Trees.  Fresh Air.  20 degrees cooler than Phoenix.  Sign me up!  Oh wait, I have to take seventy-four fifth graders with me?!? 

Today, I returned from spending the past three days in the mountains of Payson.  This is an annual trip the fifth grade class at my school makes every year called Camp Sparky Big Camp.  Camp Sparky is a student organization at ASU that fundraises and then plans fun day camps and one overnight big camp for low-income schools around the valley.  Most of my students have never been to the mountains before this trip, nor had they left their parents for an overnight trip.

I love Camp Sparky!  The ASU students plan all the activities and we teachers float around, make sure everyone is behaving themselves and join in whenever we please.  On the first night, Camp Sparky hosted a fifth grade dance.  Chelsea and I thought we would live it up, fifth grade style, and let some of our students give us a makeover:

The finished result:

 Tuesday morning, Chelsea and I even fit in a thirty minute run which turned out to be the only hill training of our four-months of marathon training! (San Diego, please be kind.)  In retrospect, I wish I had taken a picture of these hills because they were insanely steep.  These were the kind of hills where your walking pace up the hill is almost the same as your running pace up the hill. 

Camp Sparky was a blast!  Now only 7 more days of teaching to get through!  Do we look like we can handle it?


  1. I did Camp Sparky my first year at ASU. I didn't get to go to the Big Camp, but that is so cool that you get to experience that with your students =]

  2. You look like you can do it Joann. I know you can! Just keep thinking about San Diego. :)