Friday, May 21, 2010


Let me tell you about my stress using the Grey's Anatomy monologue style:

"I am stressed.  I am stressed because my baby, who I thought was getting better, came down with a fever at day care today.  I am stressed because the doctor tells me she has a bilateral ear infection (that means both ears) and we need to give her breathing treatments for her cough.  I am stressed because two ipod's went missing from some classroom technology kits and one of my student's has been bragging to his friends that he bought a new iPod!  I am stressed because it is the end of the year and my students' behavior is stressing me out.  I'm stressed."

Dr. Bailey should deliver this one. So perhaps television drama writing isn't in my future, but I just finished watching the Grey's series finale and I believe I counted at least three characters having a monologue like the one above.   I am in an extreme funk tonight.  My whole body is shaky and I'm feeling anxious.  To calm my nerves, I tried taking my dog Lily on a walk.  We had a nice 30-minute stroll around the park.  Sometimes, it is nice just to walk and put no pressure on yourself to go faster. 

Off to bed.  I have a "short" 90-minute run scheduled tomorrow morning as part of my delightful taper.

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  1. I'm sorry Joann! i would give you a backrub, if i was in chandler. :) do some yoga, take a hot bubble bath, or go get a professional backrub. Or sleep! One of those things should help!