Monday, March 1, 2010

Run! It's the Food Processor!

Recently, I have found a new love for cooking.  With Cam very close to walking and her going to bed at an early hour, cooking has become a lot easier than going out to eat. 
Tonight I made Tortilla Bread Pudding. So yummy. It reminded me of the corn chowder at Mimi's Cafe.  If you are interested in making it, here is the recipe I used: Tortilla Bread Pudding.

I always have a plan, when I cook, about how to occupy Camdyn.  Usually, I sit her in her high chair with a book, some raisins and then I talk to her while I'm in the kitchen.  All was wonderful, until I needed to use to food processor to make tortilla crumbs. Camdyn heard the whirring and went into hysterics.  She didn't want me anywhere near the kitchen and she stayed cuddled on my chest for a solid twenty minutes.  I even tried "Yo Gabba Gabba" to calm her down. It didn't work.  She's never seen the show before and I think the characters might have scared her (And me.  I now have "Party in my Tummy" stuck in my head.) After I finally convinced her that the food processor was not out to kill her, I managed to cook with her strapped to my side in the Slingling.  In the end,  she didn't even want to taste the bread pudding.  Apparently, nothing can top the culinary greatness of goldfish crackers.

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