Sunday, March 7, 2010


That time of the year again.  I'm supposed to be doing report cards this weekend and I have been finding ways to avoid them.  They usually take about 2 hours to do (and that's since I switched to doing them by hand.  On the computer, it took me 4 hours which is counter-intuitive because isn't technology supposed to make work faster?).   Everything I do this weekend is just clouded by the fact that I still have to do report cards.  I need to just sit down and write them.

Yesterday, I had a terrific 10 mile run.  I managed to keep up with Harvey and Chelsea for the entire hour and 45 minutes.  Usually, I drop back at about 6 miles for some extended walk breaks.  I'm seeing now that my running during the week (and starting marathon training with a much higher level of fitness) is paying off.  Here's to under 5 hours.


  1. You can definitely get under 5 hours!
    I did see your email. I'm not so sure about it because of a few factors. First is the bike issue. I have a cruiser and it's soooo slooow. then, Chance doesn't have one. and I'm kinda into the running right now. It's cheap (so far) and doesn't hurt my butt (just my legs)! :) You should go for it though, especially if you can get some nice bikes!
    We'll still do the San Diego race together!

  2. Good idea. I may just have to run slower with her. I feel less bored when she came with us. How do you get over the boredom of running?!?

  3. Sing in your head. Run with music.