Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Three-year-old Imagination

My conversation in the car this morning with my three-year-old daughter:

C:  Mama, last night we got a new daughter. 
Me:  Oh ya?
C:  Yes, her name is Bubble Gum.

Here are three of her "daughters":

They used to be named (starting with the partier on the left): Allie, Ally Kamally and Ashley.   Cam expected us to know the names of her "daughters."  She would get horribly offended and reproach both me and my husband for using the wrong name.  There was a practice period, but finally Josh and I learned them and all was happy.  I was impressed with Cam's creative naming skills and also her ability to remember each doll's given name.

Then, she renamed them.

Their new names are Gummi Bear, Crystallie, and Fruit Snack.

I really think I have Strawberry Shortcake to blame for this one.  


  1. Nobody is missing from the list. ;)

  2. No-one was the intermediate name of Ashley/Fruit Snack.