Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clumsy Cyclist

Cruising down Queen Creek yesterday morning, I realize how much my clip less pedals and spin class have improved my speed. I check my Garmin now as I ride. As I am checking that my cadence is around 80 rpm, I look down to see 18.1 mph stare back up at me. I check again a few minute later. Yep, still around 18. Awesome!

Feeling pretty good about myself as I ascend the I-10 overpass, I clip out of my right pedal while pulling up to the stoplight. Suddenly, I realize that my bike is not leaning to the right. Instead, I'm shifting slowly to the left. I know what's coming. I can't unclip my right foot fast enough. Bam! Down I go into the street. I feel nothing but the necessity to get myself upright again. I just biffed it in front of the cars at the stop and my friends, Heather and Tony - who say I fell quite gracefully. I suppose when you have been falling as long I have - or slamming your fingers into drawers, tripping over your own shoes, or running into walls- you develop a certain knack for it.

I stand up and feel a slight burning on my my right leg. My right handlebar is askew and I'm shaking a little. I don't even look at my leg. I'm in traffic and my biggest concern is getting out of it. I pedal over the bridge and cruise down the other side, trying to get adjusted to the new grip on my now crooked handlebar.

The rest of the ride goes wonderfully. We put in 30 miles, which is a new record for me. I have a new bruise on my upper right thigh and on the inside of my left leg from my fall. My shoulder feels a bit banged up as well. I figure that a mistake with my clipless pedals was bound to happen and now I have that crash over and done with. Here's hoping anyways :)

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  1. OH,I hope you are ok. Good for you to keep going and finishing 30 miles!!

  2. Aww Joann! We are definitely sisters. I have the same problems. But I have not yet fallen off my bike. You are definitely adding to the list lol.