Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book Addiction

I have always considered myself a reader.  I remember being in fifth grade and reading for hours on my bed with my legs propped up on my headboard and my hands falling asleep from being held aloft since I always laid down to read.  Reading was simple as a kid.  All the books were short enough to finish in a few days and once I finished one, I started another.  Plowing through books satisfied me.  I loved to finish one and then go to the book store, or order off the school book order, for another piece of literature.  My happy, little, book-reading existance continued throughout high school (although at UHS, time for leisure reading was rare.)

Then,  I met my husband.

Josh is a self-proclaimed "bibliophibian."  He shares my love of books, but has a different view on acquiring them.  At bookstores, I comb through stacks of books, looking for that perfect one that will be the surprise find and keep me enthralled and entertained.  The book I won't ever want to put down.  Josh's philosophy is different: if it looks interesting, get it.

That's how this happened:
Here is non-fiction.
And this is fiction.
The "if it looks interesting, buy it" technique has seriously overwhelmed me as a reader.  I now start a book, find another book that looks interesting and start reading that, before I even finished the first one!  Case in point, my nightstand:

And, I am being completely serious.  I am in the middle of all those books right now.   I feel like I may be the poster child for ADD.  I read 10-20 minutes from 3-4 books a night.  Is this normal?  I have a feeling that it isn't. 

Book addiction?  Maybe.  Too neurotic for my own good?  Oh yes, I have many people who can attest to that one.


  1. :) My nightstand looks very much like yours, Jo! I am currently reading four or five books--all about running marathons and ultramarathons.

  2. Ooh, now I just remembered that I want to read "Born to Run." One more book for the pile :-)

  3. I love love love this post. I think you are hilarious and I love your books. They should take over the room, and the nightstand, and our lives.

  4. No worries. I'm reading a few different books right now too. It just gets boring reading one book! Gotta change it up from time to time.
    And I'm definitely not going to beat you!

  5. In case anybody is wondering where "bibliophibian" came from, here it is:

    My library software puts the current tally at 602 books. That doesn't count Cam's books or the books in Jo's classroom. I did a rough tally not too long ago, and I think I've made it through a good 80% of them. Of the remainder a number of them I'd classify as "Jo's books", so I probably won't ever read them. For how many we buy, we seem to keep up with them pretty well. I'm reading 2 books on the Kindle and 2 paper books right now. Books are wonderful :)

  6. hmmm, sounds like Josh and I have a lot in common. I also live by the "if it looks interesting get it"...I have a database for my books because I sometimes forget what I have!