Thursday, July 15, 2010

What did I do right?

I've been on the Weight Watchers program for a week now... an incredibly, loooong week.  I have my "I can do this" days and my "What the hell am I thinking?" days.  I find that hunger impacts my emotions extremely negatively.  I get more irritated and frustrated when I'm hungry and then when I get that way, I binge by eating bad-for-me foods ("Oh, container of Cam's leftover Macaroni and Cheese, where are you?").  What I've learned from the "bad" days is what hunger feels like compared to the "oooh, I want a caramel frappuccino" feeling. 

Last night, I went to the weekly meeting and the leader concentrated on asking ourselves, "What did I do right?"  I think that I waste so much energy in negativity, whether it is through eating, parenting or training, that I if I only concentrated on the good things, I would find that my overall mood would improve.  So here's what I did right, without even thinking about the wrong:

  • I ate so many different types of fruits and vegetables during this past week.  Before, my produce intake was a side salad a day.
  • I cooked a lot at home.  Healthy, simple meals.
  • I drank Americanos at all my coffee stops.
  • I do not currently have a candy stash in my glove compartment.

  • I take Camdyn to an activity with other children at least once a day.  Whether it's storytime, Toy Town or a friend's house.
  • She has eaten more fruits and veggies during the week, since she's been stealing off my plate.
  • I read to her once a day.
  • I involve her in cooking by showing her how to stir and explaining everything I'm doing in the kitchen.

  • In the past week, I have worked out 4 times.  2 bike, 1 run and 1 swim.
  • I got on the bike trainer to ride 50 minutes even though I did not want to (but happy I did!).
In addition to all the good things this week,  I also lost 2.8 pounds.  Can I get a "woot woot?"


  1. this is SUCH a good idea. It's so easy to focus on every way I messed up this week!
    What a marvelous plan! And congrats on the weight loss (although I think you look fabulous no matter what!)

  2. Those NSV's are super important too! Well done on both accounts.

  3. yay Joann! Good job! So proud of you. but why did you join Weight Watchers?

  4. woot woot! that is awesome. And so true...why is it we constantly focus on the negative rather than focus on the positive? What a great idea to focus on and write down all the positives for the week. Good for you!