Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swim, Bike, Run in the Great North

To commerate the last day of our vacation in Minnesota, I took an ATV ride with Josh this morning for the sole-purpose of taking pictures to show (i.e. brag) where I have been doing my workouts for the past week.  I did manage to fit all sports in by doing 2 swims, 1 10-mile bike ride and 2 runs while I was here.  My goal is to fit in another run before dinner.   I'm hoping I have another set of running clothes in my suitcase, because I just put a gigantic load of clothes in the washer.

Here's a little tour:

 Too sweet of pose on top of an ATV.  Must remember to look tougher next time.

 My in-law's gorgeous Bemidji home with sparkling Lake Julia in the background.

Josh getting ready to head out on the highway.

Looking down the dirt road to Puposky, the town consisting of a couple of houses, a church and a post office - that's it.

The church in Puposky on my run route.

Part of my run route and bike route, The Great Divide Highway.  Don't let the highway part scare you.  I saw a car, maybe, every ten minutes.

Beautiful green pasture.

I could definitely get used to staying here in the 80 degree weather and beautiful scenery. Thank you to Leslie, Dave and Kory for letting us visit!  Big thanks to Kory for letting us take over his room for a week. 


  1. Nice blog, Jo. ☺ Glad you got a chance to workout while you were here. Enjoyed having everyone here❧ for a short time anyway..wish it was longer. We'll see you in September!

  2. Great post, I like the pictures so cool and lot of fun!!! Keep up the good post!!!