Saturday, May 8, 2010

10 miles today, 20 next weekend

Phoenix is really hot!!  Our cool spell is over.  Last weekend, I was running in 70 degree weather.  This weekend, I ran in 80 degree weather.  What a difference 10 degrees makes!  Chelsea and I were slugging through it this morning.  At the beginning of our run, which we started at 5:30 so that Chelsea could make it to a meeting at 9, both of us felt like we weighed about 500 pounds for the first hour.  I always think it's crazy for me how my shorter runs during the week actually feel harder because it takes me so long to feel loose and warmed up.  At about 6 miles, I finally felt lighter and was able to run at a much faster pace.

I'm scared though.  Really scared about next weekend.  20 miles is no easy feat by itself and I have never run 20 miles in temperatures above 80 degrees.  I'm guessing I will need lots of water, lots of GU and that I should overall take it easy.  I just need to put the mileage in for the marathon, I don't need to set any records doing it.

Yesterday I took Camdyn shopping for new clothes.  All of her current clothes were fitting snugly and the pants were starting to look like high-waters.  She is fun to shop with (when she is well-fed and rested)!  I held up clothes for her approval and she would nod her head in a big, emphatic yes and then ask to hold the piece of clothing.  Evidently, I have better taste than our last shopping trip, because all of my recommendations were given approval.

After clothes shopping at Carters, we walked over to the Chandler Mall.  Cam won't let me put her down to walk until we visit the puppy store.  Once we're in there, she'll walk around, looking at the puppies and then zoom out into the mall.  Godiva was giving out free chocolates.  I gave Cam a taste and she wouldn't give me the chocolate back!  Stolen chocolate apparently tastes better than your own chocolate:

Our little chocolate chipmunk :-)


  1. So cute! Can't wait to see her tonight. And you too, of course! :)
    Please take it easy. I was running in pretty high temps on Thursday and it was not fun. Wake up even earlier if necessary.

  2. I don't envy your run next weekend...the heat always did me in. Too bad you can't do your 20 miles here :)
    Cute story about your shopping trip with Cam...I can just see her nodding her head enthusiastically! I sure miss her...give her a hug for me?? And while you're at it give yourself and Josh one too :)