Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ten-Minute Manicure

For Christmas, my MIL gave me the book "Lessons from Madame Chic" by Jennifer Scott.  The book details 20 lessons that the author learned while living in Paris. She talks about what to eat, skin care routines, how to dress, enjoying the arts and more.  I'm obsessed with this book and I am finding ways to apply a lot of her advice to my own life.

Good grooming is an essential French attribute.  I must admit that most days my nails lack my full attention.  I love getting manicures, but I can't justify the expense because I wreck the polish within a day.  If I get a gel manicure, the nails look great for 2 weeks but then start to grow out and I never bother to find the time to get my nails re-done.  When I read about the 10-minute manicure, I felt this could be a solution.
The author also has a YouTube channel where she publishes videos on how to do all the things that she mentions in her book.  So my five-year-old daughter and I sat down to watch the manicure video. Here is that video:

I gave her a manicure (which she loved!) and then gave myself one.  Her before and after pictures are a little more dramatic than mine due to her choice of nail polish:
I'm not really happy with the polish on mine.  When I use pale pink, it always looks streaky.  I'm thinking that it's the age of the polish and I just need to buy some new stuff.
Definitely a work in progress.  Plus, if you look really closely, I still have some gel on the tips of my nails from a manicure I got in October.  I love this home manicure though and my goal is to work it into my weekly routine.

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  1. Trés bien! I enjoyed the book very much and I'm glad you're enjoying it as well :) Au revoir!