Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hide and Seek

Yesterday morning, Josh entered the kitchen to get his own breakfast and hustle Camdyn along for school. Camdyn greeted him there,

"So Daddy, I hid your Vikings hat and rings (this includes his wedding ring) and you have to find them."

Josh's patience as a father amazes me at times.  If this were me in the morning, rushing to get out the door, hungry and already a little late, I probably would have answered back, "I'm going to count to ten... 1, 2..."  

Erik woke up a few times the night before so I was still dozing. Through my muddled sleep, I could hear, "Cold, Cold, warm, hot, getting hotter."

This morning, during our lazy Saturday wake-up, Camdyn, cuddling with us in bed, turns to me and says, "Mama, have you seen your sunglasses?"  

Funny, because I was looking for my sunglasses all yesterday and blaming new baby haze for absentmindedly laying them down somewhere.

"No Cam, I haven't.  Did you hide them?" I ask her.

"You have to find them."

Thankfully, she gave me a massively big hint on where to look. She led me downstairs to the piano room.

"They're downstairs in this area," she told me.

After a few seconds of hot and cold, I found my sunglasses hanging out behind the curtain.  I'm very interested (and not a little frightened) about what is going to disappear next. As long as it's not, "Mama, have you seen Erik?" we're good.

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