Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Two

School is out and suddenly I have so much more time to blog!  I'm easing myself in with a Tuesday Two.

1.  I'm 35 weeks pregnant!  This pregnancy has been so much different than my first one.  I'm happier because I feel more prepared and I know what to expect from a newborn.  However, I'm a little more achy from day-to-day and having a four-year-old while pregnant has been challenging as well.  Josh and I have been taking Bradley classes for this birth.  Our goal is to have a completely natural birth (i.e. no epidural).  While I never thought I would be considering this, after researching, I truly believe that natural is the way to go.  We've been learning lots of strategies to help me cope with the contractions.  I've been taking care of my exercise and nutrition.  While many people may think I'm crazy, I'll wait to give my definitive opinion on my craziness until after the birth.  

2. Speaking of nutrition, Cam and I made Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Cookies for the teachers at her Summer Camp.

Cam decorates treat bags for her teachers.  Yes, they are Halloween stickers and it is now June.
 No, the cookies aren't at all nutritious.   Thankfully, we packaged them up and gave them away so I could only have 3.  The recipe for them is here:

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  1. Time just flies!!! A few more weeks and you are a mom of 2!!