Friday, January 4, 2013

Hot Chocolate 5K Race Report

 Run a 5K and get chocolate fondue at the end?  Sign me up!

There was a time when I was doubtful about mixing chocolate and running.  In my early running days, I thought chocolate would make me feel so nauseated and gross if I ate it in the middle of a long run.  I cringed at the thought of the chocolate mile at the Nike Women's Marathon. Mile 22... volunteers handing out little pieces of Ghiridelli caramel squares.  Gross, I thought, I'll eat one and immediately barf.  That was, until I actually made it to mile 22, grabbed a chocolate square and salivated over it's deliciousness.  I became a believer that chocolate and running were actually very, VERY, good friends.

The Hot Chocolate 5K was held at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale on Sunday, December 9th.  My sister, Jamie, and I arrived at 6:30 am, and then, being the cold wimps we are, sat in the car with the heater running for the next 30 minutes until the race started.  Usually, I am really nervous for 5K's.  They are always painful because I am always trying to beat my previous time.   However, this one I was relaxed and looking forward to because we decided to walk it.  Yay, pregnancy!

Almost race time and we're cold!  Look, you can see an Oompa Loompa!
It was a very different experience lining up in the back of the start corrals.  I saw more costumes on runners- including an entire gang of Oompa-Loompas (see above)!.  People were relaxed and chatting and laughing.  The start was very well organized.  Some of the first parts of the course were a little tight because they divided half of the street for returning runners.  However, it opened up pretty quickly.
Start line.

This was a very serious race for Jamie and me. 

When I saw the finish line, I couldn't help it, I started running.  The excitement of a finish line chute is just too big of a temptation for me.   Finish time was 43 minutes and 46 seconds.

We then waited in a very short line for our finisher's mug - an amazing cappuccino sized cup with a warm cup of hot chocolate in the middle.  Around the circumference sat a little dish of chocolate fondue, 2 vanilla wafer sandwich cookies, a few pretzels, a banana, a marshmallow and a rice-krispies treat.  Rice Krispies treat won for best fondue dipping with me, followed closely by the pretzels.

Overall, the race was very well organized with a lot of volunteers.  I should also mention that the goodie bag for this race was a running jacket.  You can see Jamie and I wearing them in the above photos.  Great swag for this event!  If the hot chocolate 5k comes to your city, I recommend signing up.  Chocolate is always a good reason to run.

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