Sunday, July 8, 2012

Running with my Dog

Doesn't this look like an awesome running experience?
Relaxing and running with this perfectly behaved four-legged companion at your side?

This is not what running with my dog is like.

As I put on my running shoes this morning, Lily stretches beside me, sees the shoes and jumps excitedly off the bed.  She stares at the door, then back to me, then the door, while waving her tail happily.

"No, Lily.  You are not coming,"

I walk down the stairs towards the front door and Lily follows me.  I turn the lock, turn around and there she is with her sad, brown eyes asking,  "Why are you leaving me?"

Sigh.  I go get the leash.

I did intervals today with my easy 15-second run and 45-second walk for 25 reps.  I thought that the easiness of the workout would suit her, and it did somewhat.  She kept up with me quite well considering it was already 90 degrees outside.  However, Lily is a dog with her own agenda.  As I'm running near the sidewalk, Lily is pulling me towards the grass.  My arm is bent at a funny angle as I still try to keep my interval.  Each 15-second run is preceded by a "Lily, c'mon."  As I'm running through grass, Lily decides at that moment to flop herself down for a nice back scratch.  I'm pulling her across the grass by her collar and she seems as happy as can be, like nothing at all is wrong with this scenario.

But I'm determined.  With two reps to go, Lily decides its time to use the bathroom.  During one of my rests, I use the plastic bag I brought along to quickly scoop it up.  Most people would stop to walk at this point, but no, I run the last 4 minutes of my workout with a bag of poop in my hand.

At least this running ad gets it right!

After the run, Lily goes back to bed:

And then, gives me some Thank You kisses.

Oh, Lily... always an adventure. 


  1. Great post, Jo.. :) had me giggling even with a migraine.

  2. Thanks! I'm sure you can throw in some of your own dog stories too :)

  3. I can totally imagine you and Lily running and it makes me smile. Great run!!

  4. I used to get dragged (drug?) by my dog the entire run until I got this collar and leash. The collar looks a little intimidating but it really doesn't hurt the dog

  5. Blake - Yikes! That collar does look intimidating. Thanks for the advice :-)

  6. When I'm running with Guinness, all I aim for is to get the miles done. Anything remotely resembling intervals is a death wish, as he's quite unpredictable in his changes of direction. The thank you kisses are worth it!