Thursday, September 1, 2011

Up in the sky

Lately, I can time my departure from work just right that when driving out of the parking lot I can catch the 5:00PM arrival of the gigantic British Airways flight from Heathrow making its descent into Sky Harbor.

Pictures I take when I should be driving. 

I'm always happy when I see this plane.   I've been on that flight twice.  Seeing it always reminds me of London.  I think of Wagamama in the British Airways terminal, the ridiculous transfer on a bus if you're not staying in London, pub food and the English accent.
In Heathrow, 3 years ago.
  I'm amused to think that the plane I am seeing 6,000 feet above me started it's day in the U.K. about the same time I arrived at school.
The BA flight's view a mere 10 hours prior.
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  1. oh London. My favorite second home. I heard tell that there was a Wagamama opening in NYC. I hated them a little bit more that day. Is it weird that 85% of my London memories are around food? Because they totally are.

  2. Meg, most of my memories are of food as well. In London, I love S&M cafe. Stands for Sausage and Mash. We had our Thanksgiving dinner there when we visited London one November.