Saturday, May 14, 2011

Triathlon Eve

 I have some triathlon jitters.   That's important to note when you see these pictures.

What I'll be doing tomorrow at 6:30AM:

First I swim 400 meters.

Then I bike 20K.

Finally I run a 5K.

I attended packet pickup this afternoon.  At check in, they gave me my race number, my swim cap (white is for "I don't what I'm doing.  Please watch me closely.") and had me rack my bike.

My happy little bike (835) amidst a sea of bikes.
I also learned some interesting triathlon rules:
  1. On the bike, you must stay three bike lengths behind the person in front of you.  If you decide to pass, you have 15 seconds to do so.    Once your bike tire inches ahead of your competitors, you have successfully passed and they have to fall three bike lengths behind.
  2. You must have your bike helmet on at all times and strapped when on your bike.  If you unstrap before you make it back to transition: penalty.
  3. No outside assistance.  That means no friends on the course handing you a water bottle.
  4. No headphones or music.  If officials see it on you, they take it from you.
All the rules are for safety reasons.  I'm happy I attended the pre-race meeting, since some of these are allowed in marathons.

Now to see if I can sleep tonight....