Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Shirt? No Problem!

 I was worried about finding races in Phoenix during the summer, but then I saw the Arizona Road Racers Summer Series - a series of 5 races in the Phoenix area ranging from a 5k to a 4 miler.  The best part: I registered for all 5 of them for $40.  40 bucks for five races!!  That is unheard of!  Second fabulous part... no t-shirt!

This sounds silly, I know. Since I started Run for the Bling of It, I have completed four races this year, each with it's own t-shirt.  That combined with the five t-shirts I received last year from races and my drawers are becoming uncomfortably full.  Now why, you may ask,  JoAnn, why can't you just get rid of them?  Honestly, I have no problem giving up clothes that are too big for me (a million thanks to Weight Watchers), but race shirts have a special significance to me.   They remind me of the event, how much work I put into the run and simply have tons of happy memories associated with them.  I particularly have a hard time parting with the marathon tops.  Races without shirts - I don't miss the shirt.  Races with shirts - I somehow can't let go of the shirt. 

Here's to the Arizona Road Runners Summer Series with no shirt included.  There is the option to buy one however.  Ya, I might have a problem.

(This post brought to you when I should be working on my report cards)


  1. Hahahaa, I'm totally the same way! I donate all my clothes except race shirts :)

  2. Time to make re-usable grocery bags with those shirts! Cut the neck a little wider, cut off the sleeves and sew up the bottom... voila! Now you can remember all your races and have more space in your drawers! ;)