Friday, March 18, 2011

Monkey Madness Breakfast

Cam and I woke up early today for a "Monkey Madness" Breakfast at the Phoenix Zoo.  The event is specifically for ages 2-5, so I thought Cam would love it.  She has a new interest in the zoo.  When I told her about it on Monday, she immediately wanted to put on her shoes.  Once they were on, she said she was ready to go see the monkeys.

We arrived at the zoo at 7:40am, a little early for our 8AM start.  Cam kept saying how we need to wait our turn and how the zoo needs to open.
"Wait for doors to open"
Once we met our guides, they took us into one of the zoo's picnic areas.  This one was right across from the gibbons - which I learned were apes and not monkeys because they don't have tails. 
Our breakfast companions
 The guides had a breakfast of cereal, bagels, juice and muffins waiting us as well as several monkey-themed learned centers (translation: I read the monkey info, Cam plays with the toys on the table.)
Mmmmm, feed me little toddler.

Toys in a sandbox.

Monkeys on a parachute.

Monkey masks.

After eating our breakfast, our guides escorted us to Monkey Village where a trainer prepared the monkey's morning snack.  Monkeys like puffed cereal and peanut butter.  She then attached u-clips to the paper bags filled with monkey food and attached them to the vines hanging in the enclosure.   The monkeys then tore open the bags and devoured the contents.

We did get to see a couple monkey fights which were pretty entertaining.  I learned that there are 16 monkeys in monkey village, 14 of which are female.  The females are dominant in the species.  If another monkey gets too uppity, you can be sure there will be a monkey smack-down.

Once our program ended, Cam and I explored the rest of the zoo.  We had an unexpected victory with the carousel.  Previously, Cam has been scared to get on it, but this time she wanted to try it.  She loved it so much, we went on it 3 times.  Only riding 3 times is a victory for me, because I had to drag away crying.

We left the zoo around 11AM.  Perfect time to leave, because it was getting crowded.  Zoo visitors had to start parking at Phoenix Municipal stadium parking down the street.  I think that says dedication.  If I arrived at the zoo and the lots at the zoo were full, I would definitely turn around and leave.

I loved my time with Cam.  She was definitely ready for her afternoon nap.


  1. Do they let adults play with the monkey activities because I would so rock that. What a fun day for you two!

  2. So cute! Looks like she had a great time! :)I wish we had cool stuff like that in Tucson.