Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Here I am relaxing procrastinating on my homework in Starbucks, enjoying my skinny sugar free vanilla latte and completely exhausted.  My weekend in four parts:

Saturday after lunch:
Met my fabulous mentor, Annette, from tri club and did my very, first brick workout!  A brick combines two sports from a triathlon and you do them with less than a 5 minute transition in between.  We did a 12 mile bike and a 2 mile run.  For the ride, we left Annette's house in Ahwatukee and traveled 2 miles south into reservation land.  The reservation just built a brand new casino on this land, so the roads are brand new and there is no traffic!  With beautiful views of South Mountain and wide open space, this ride was spectacular.  I learned that I've been riding at too high of a gear.  If I keep doing this, I will apparently kill my legs in a long ride.  This explains a lot, especially why I have detested previous rides.  I thought biking was supposed to be that unpleasant.

The run was not as spectacular.  Running after getting off a bike is going to take some getting used to. 

Saturday Evening:

I went down to Tempe Beach Park to watch my sister and her team finish Ragnar Relay del Sol.  Her team started the race Friday morning in Wickenburg and ran throughout the night and all day Saturday to complete 202 miles.  She will definitely post a race report on her blog.
Jamie, sleep-deprived and waiting to cross the finish line.
Team Run DMC (Daily Mile Connection)  heading to the finish line.
At the Finish Line.
I admit, at first I called her crazy, but being down at the finish and seeing the atmosphere, I kind of want to race it.  Before, I thought the lack of sleep would equate to torture, but now since I'm trying to thinking about it trying to convince myself, I am the type of person who falls asleep anywhere when I'm tired.  When my husband and I first started dating, his friends hardly knew me.  By the time they got to parties at 11 PM, I was already asleep on the floor.   If I can sleep at college house parties, I can sleep at Ragnar.

Big congratulations to Jamie!  I secretly wish I had joined the team when I had the opportunity. 

Sunday morning:
We had plans for Camdyn to run in a toddler race: 100 yards with finishers medal at the end.  I was so excited!  She was so excited!

Camdyn is ready to race!
We got her dressed and on the road by 6:40am.  As Josh was driving, I checked the race website for directions and saw this:

Sigh...  The next race is in April, so we will just wait until then.

Sunday afternoon:
I went on my first training swim!  I did:
2 X 50 easy
4 X 25 hard
2 X 200 race pace 
2 X 50 easy

The workout took me 18 minutes.  Not too bad, since rests are included in that time.  Swimming is hard!  I know this workout is so easy compared to my high school swim days, but swimming is going to take some work.


  1. Awesome. Thanks for coming out to see me finish! You rock!!! :)

  2. You are a strong Warrior. And you rock. And I'm your newest follower!! Cheers!!!