Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost Dutchman 10K Race Report

The amazingly gorgeous scenery from Prospector Park.
My first race of 2011 is now complete!  I've heard about the Lost Dutchman series of races being incredibly well organized and thought that a 10K would be well within my training limits.

 I woke up at 5:30AM, had breakfast of oatmeal and a banana and I was out the door by 6:20AM.  The race was held out in Apache Junction, so after a 45 minute car ride, I was there.  Parking was very easy.  There were volunteers and police along Idaho Street alongside Prospector Park directing cars to the left and right.   I ended up parking about a half mile from the start area.


The long walk from the cars to Prospector Park. 

After a quick stop at the porta-potties, I asked a fellow runner to take my picture.

Then I went off to find my in-laws who were running the 8K trail race. Well, they were planning to run the 8k trail race.  Immediately upon arriving to the start area, I heard a race official announcing a "program change" for the trail racers.  Phoenix had an uncharacteristically large amount of rain the night before and thus, there was no longer a trail.  The trail race was changed to a road race on the 10K course with an earlier turnaround.
Mom-in-law Leslie and I at the start.
At 8:00AM, we were off!

Start line lineup
I started with an easy jog.   Ke$ha played on my ipod (it's peppy running music, c'mon).  My plan was to take it easy since my last run was a 2-miler on Tuesday and before that... well, I got sick and I honestly can't remember when I ran before that.

Half a mile into the race.
 We turned the corner and were treated to a truly spectacular view.
 A water station appeared at miles 1 & 2, staffed by Boy Scouts.  I decided to walk through each station to make sure I stayed hydrated.  The weather was perfect! Mid 50's and a slight sprinkle every now and then.  My goal was to run non-stop to the 10k turnaround. 
We share the marathon course.  Up here signifies breaking through the dreaded marathon "wall."
10K turnaround.

I really wasn't expecting too much from myself.  I just wanted to have an enjoyable race.  However, once I hit the turnaround, my body craved something else and I picked up the pace.  Running through mile 4, I looked down at my Garmin and saw 9:23 pace staring back at me.  What?  I have been running 11:00 pace in all of my training runs.  What is this?!?  Not complaining though :-)

Rather than question it, I felt that this would be the run I remember during all my future crappy runs.  Yes, it can feel this good!  I ran my second 5K faster that my first and came across the finish line at:
1:03:21!  As my 2 year old daughter would say, "Whoo hoo!"  18th in my division, too.  Not too shabby since there were 42 in my age group.  I placed better than half, which is a definite first for me!
Wow!  Great medal for a 10k!

I got my bling.  Amazing race medal for a 10k.  The medal is the same weight as my marathon medals.

At the finish with my bling
 And a run at Lost Dutchman isn't complete without a picture of me and the crazy miner.

Yes, that's a real mule.


  1. Congrats on a strong race!
    I love your first photo - it really shows the difference between what it looked like this weekend compared to my photo from just 7 days before.

  2. Yay Joann!! Great Job! That looks really beautiful up there. I'll have to run it with you next year. :) See you tonight!

  3. Way to go! Love the bling - love the picture with the miner too :-)

  4. What a great medal for a 10k. I love your Arizona weather for winter races.

  5. Great race with a strong finish, you deserve that medal!! :)