Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Let me preface this by saying that I have joined Weight Watchers two times before.  Each time, I couldn't make it work.  I felt hungry.  I watched my weight drop a couple of pounds the first week (and a pretty hellish week it always was) and then see it rise back up in the weeks following.  This led to me being frustrated, then skipping a weigh-in because I knew that I had gained weight and then,  I would desert.  "Stupid Weight Watchers,"  I used to say,  "It doesn't work."

This past July, I went on a family vacation to Minnesota and came back 3 pounds heavier.  Now, while this may not seem like a huge vacation weight gain, I now weighed close to what I weighed in middle school (I shiver at the memories).  Since I didn't want to gain any more, and on account of the enormous success my friend Leah was currently having on Weight Watchers (And still having...Go Leah!), I decided to try this whole Weight Watchers thing once more.

The first week was a little hard.  I found it difficult to give up the quantity of sweets I was eating.  I made the choice to give up my habitual, caramel-laden coffee drinks because I didn't feel they were worth the points.  I bought a lot more produce at the grocery store (and ate it!)...

I lost 22 pounds.

July 2010.  Fantastic Cam hair!

December 2010.  My (now 2 year old!) daughter has such the macaroni and cheese face!
I reached my goal weight 2 weeks ago and am now (and forever more) working on maintenance.  In 4 weeks, I get my lifetime membership to Weight Watchers, meaning as long as I am no more than 2 pounds over my goal, I will never have to pay for another meeting.  Whoo to the hoo :-)


  1. I'm so proud of you and yes I am still working towards me goal... I still have a little ways to go...but you never a little one may come along before I get there anyway. Thanks for taking the journey with me.

  2. woah.

    1) hot december pics!

    2) lifetime membership?! did not know there was such a thing!

  3. Jo, you are AMAZING! I am so inspired by you to get back to eating right and working out. You look frickfracking gorgeous!