Thursday, July 1, 2010

Made it to Minnesota

Behind me on the airplane, two young girls, probably 4 and 6, sat with their mom.  I could tell that this was their first trip to Minnesota.  One of the girl's observations while looking out the window as we were landing in Minneapolis describes Minnesota best.

"Look Mom, there's a lake.  And another one.  And another lake.  And another lake."

The temperature reads 80 degrees, the scenery boasts all different shades of verdant living trees, and there are lakes!  Our flight over was very calm with the only turbulence coming out of Phoenix.  I was worried about this flight and Camdyn, but she chose to sleep for an hour, which was most excellent.

Minneapolis Airport was a different story.  While walking from our gate to our lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery, I put Camdyn in time-out three times.  All the time outs resulted from Mommy violence.  Cam wanted to run off one way, we were walking in the other direction, I pick her up and Bam! Camdyn hand right across my face.  Our Bemdiji flight was uneventful for the most part.  As we were landing, Cam decided she had had enough and started screaming in the plane.  Luckily, we only had five more minutes on board.   Ten hours of traveling, and only a few notable baby meltdowns means that we have a wonderful child.  I know how lucky I am with Cam.  For more reasons than her airplane behavior.

Bemidji is gorgeous!.  We're staying with Josh's parents and brother in their lakefront house.  I could definitely get used to having a lake as my backyard.  Today, Josh and I paddled the canoe and sharpened our paddling skills against a strong headwind.  Lots of relaxing and hanging out with family. 

An extreme weather warning just popped up on my screen for Chandler, AZ.  Excessive heat. Woot for being in Minnesota!  

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