Monday, June 21, 2010

First Swim

As promised (to myself), I started my first day of triathlon training today.  My plans were to wake up at 6:00am, but my summer laziness is in high gear and I didn't actually get out of the house until 6:55am.  Thankfully, Josh was also having a lazy morning and he was still in bed (with a wide-awake Camdyn) when I left.

For my swim workouts, I have to go to a different Pure Fitness gym, since the one closest to me does not have a pool.  Above you can see the pool I swim in.  Dressing in my black speedo and toting around my swim cap and goggles makes me a little reminiscent of high school, mainly because that is that last time I swam.  My workout today was the following:

2 X 50 easy
4 X 25 hard
2 X 200 race pace (strong, but sustainable)
2 X 50 easy

So easy!  In high school, Coach Ward would work us for 2 hours straight and I would see something like 8 X 200 on the board.  However, as I found out, my swimming fitness is not what it was in high school.  Although I am reasonably in shape, you don't need much arm strength to run a marathon.  In swimming, I find it's almost all arms.   My left arm started burning by the time I hit the 25's.  When I get tired, I find that my hips start mirroring my arms making me look like a seal having a seizure.  While this may be very entertaining to a spectator, it's not the most efficient swimming technique.

My left arm is still sore and my workout was five hours ago. Plus, the session was only twenty minutes and I felt like I had worked pretty hard.  Oh swimming, you can still beat me up. 

I need to work on this.   


  1. Yay Jo! You'll get stronger in the arms in no time. I'm not an expert, but I'd think Pilates would be a good cross-training event for a triathlon. Good for working the core. You can swim in the lake when you're here :-)

  2. Pilates probably would make my arms stronger. I plan to try swimming in the lake. I'm a little wary of leeches though.