Friday, January 1, 2010

Cold and Freezing

The following phrase just came out of my mouth, " 16 below, that's not cold. " I think it is time to leave this state of Minnesota.

School starts back on Monday and I am not overjoyed. I've been having a lot of fun relaxing with family, walking around with Camdyn and basically freezing my butt off in Bemidji. Freezing can be fun. "It tastes like burning."

I started a new book this week, "The Brief W0nderous Life of Oscar Wao"by Junot Diaz, recommended to both Josh and I last summer by the lovely Laura A. The story uses a lot of footnotes to explain the political events of the time in the Dominican Republic. At first, this reminded me of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, but the footnotes are not really a story in themselves, but more of a standard encyclopedia explanation of events. Particularly, Trujillo who I haven't yet researched if he actually exists. Murder, infidelity, Statutory Rape... all the makings of today's modern fiction.

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